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Routes for hikers

The Saxon Switzerland is a paradise for hikers and climbers. Numberous recommendations on hiking routes you can find on family Tillners' homepage.

Saxon Switzerland - holiday magazine

Additional information about surroundings and excursions you get here:  holiday magazine

Theatre on a rocky stage

The "Felsenbühne Rathen", a picturesque natural outdoor theatre (literally: rocky stage), invites you along for some exciting entertainment from May to September.

Built in 1936, the "Felsenbühne Rathen" is nowadays called Europe's most beautiful natural theatre and has space for up to 1.800 spectators. Thousands of visitors enjoy this unique combination of nature and art every year.

Towering rock-faces, partly overgrown with plants and trees, provide fantastic acoustics and the ideal background for Carl Maria von Weber's romantic opera "Der Freischütz". During the famous Wolf's Glen scene the fateful "Freikugeln" (magic bullets) are moulded by demonic spirits. As a music lover you will be delighted by this or one of the other performances played on the "Felsenbühne Rathen".

The "Felsenbühne Rathen" is about 6 miles away from the Quartier Elbblick and is very easily accessible by car. Its current programme can be found on the website of the felsenbühne.

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